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Niia Nikel

PR head

Experience - 6 years
Specialization: partnerships, media and social networks, brand development and special projects
Katya Khropataya

Art Director

Experience - 8 years
Specialization: creative dyes, pixels, super blonde, hidden dyes and any other colorful mess
Ira Dunisova


Experience - 1 year
Specialization: pixels, creative and hidden dyes.

Ganna Sobolieva


Experience - 1.5 years
Specialization: creative and hidden dyes, haircuts and hairstyles
Alisa Buchneva

Make-up artist

Experience - 2.5 years
Specialization: make-up, hairdos, brows

TOP haircut stylist

Experience - 12 years
Specialization: creative haircuts and hairstyles